Building Mahout from Source


  • Java JDK 1.7
  • Apache Maven 3.3.9

Getting the source code

Checkout the sources from the Mahout GitHub repository either via

git clone or
git clone

Building From Source


Linux Environment (preferably Ubuntu 16.04.x) Note: Currently only the JVM-only build will work on a Mac. gcc > 4.x NVIDIA Card (installed with OpenCL drivers alongside usual GPU drivers)


Install java 1.7+ in an easily accessible directory (for this example, ~/java/)

Create a directory ~/apache/ .

Download apache Maven 3.3.9 and un-tar/gunzip to ~/apache/apache-maven-3.3.9/ .

Download and un-tar/gunzip Hadoop 2.4.1 to ~/apache/hadoop-2.4.1/ .

Download and un-tar/gunzip spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.4 to ~/apache/ . Choose release: Spark-1.6.3 (Nov 07 2016) Choose package type: Pre-Built for Hadoop 2.4

Install ViennaCL 1.7.0+ If running Ubuntu 16.04+

sudo apt-get install libviennacl-dev

Otherwise if your distribution’s package manager does not have a viennniacl-dev package >1.7.0, clone it directly into the directory which will be included in when being compiled by Mahout:

mkdir ~/tmp
cd ~/tmp && git clone
cp -r viennacl/ /usr/local/
cp -r CL/ /usr/local/

Ensure that the OpenCL 1.2+ drivers are installed (packed with most consumer grade NVIDIA drivers). Not sure about higher end cards.

Clone mahout repository into ~/apache.

git clone

When building mahout for a spark backend, we need four System Environment variables set:

    export MAHOUT_HOME=/home/<user>/apache/mahout
    export HADOOP_HOME=/home/<user>/apache/hadoop-2.4.1
    export SPARK_HOME=/home/<user>/apache/spark-1.6.3-bin-hadoop2.4    
    export JAVA_HOME=/home/<user>/java/jdk-1.8.121

Mahout on Spark regularly uses one more env variable, the IP of the Spark cluster’s master node (usually the node which one would be logged into).

To use 4 local cores (Spark master need not be running)

export MASTER=local[4]

To use all available local cores (again, Spark master need not be running)

export MASTER=local[*]

To point to a cluster with spark running:

export MASTER=spark://master.ip.address:7077

We then add these to the path:


These should be added to the your ~/.bashrc file.

Building Mahout with Apache Maven

From the $MAHOUT_HOME directory we may issue the commands to build each using mvn profiles.

JVM only:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

JVM with native OpenMP level 2 and level 3 matrix/vector Multiplication

mvn clean install -Pviennacl-omp -DskipTests

JVM with native OpenMP and OpenCL for Level 2 and level 3 matrix/vector Multiplication. (GPU errors fall back to OpenMP, currently only a single GPU/node is supported).

mvn clean install -Pviennacl -DskipTests

Profiles Reference

Apache Maven encourages users to make use of build profiles for selectively building modules.

The command

mvn clean package

Is the basic build command. This default will build the following packages.

[INFO] Apache Mahout 
[INFO] Mahout Core 
[INFO] Mahout Engine 
[INFO] - Mahout HDFS Support 
[INFO] - Mahout Spark Engine 
[INFO] Mahout Community 
[INFO] - Mahout Spark CLI Drivers 

The following profiles are available for building optional components:

</table> </center> #### Example If you want to build Apache Mahout with ViennaCL OpenMP support but skip the command line Spark drivers you would use this command to build: ```bash mvn clean package -Pviennacl-omp -DskipCli ``` #### Building Java/Scala Docs To build the Java/Scala docs use the maven `site` goal and the `docs` profile. Additionally, passing the `-Ddependency.locations.enabled=false` option will skip checking the dependency location and allow a much faster build. ```bash mvn clean site -Pall,docs -Ddependency.locations.enabled=false ```
Profile Description
all Build all modules
apache-release Used for releasing Apache Mahout. See How To Release for more information.
flink-batch Build Community Engine of Mahout for Apache Flink (Batch)
h2o Build Community Engine of Mahout for H2o
mahout-mr Build Community maintained Mahout for Map Reduce
viennacl Build Experimental ViennaCL (GPU) BLAS Pack
viennacl-omp Build Experimental ViennaCL-OpenMP (CPU) BLAS Pack
docs Profile for building Java/Scala Docs
Mahout Specific Option Description
skipCli Skip building the command line drivers for Mahout on Apache Spark