package naivebayes

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractNBClassifier extends Serializable

    Abstract Classifier base for Complentary and Standard Classifiers

  2. class ComplementaryNBClassifier extends AbstractNBClassifier with Serializable

    Complementary Naive Bayes Classifier

  3. class ComplementaryNBThetaTrainer extends AnyRef

    Trainer for the weight normalization vector used by Transform Weight Normalized Complement Naive Bayes.

  4. class NBModel extends Serializable

  5. trait NaiveBayes extends Serializable

    Distributed training of a Naive Bayes model.

  6. class StandardNBClassifier extends AbstractNBClassifier with Serializable

    Standard Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier

Value Members

  1. object ComplementaryNBClassifier extends Serializable

    helper object for ComplementaryNBClassifier

  2. object NBModel extends Serializable

  3. object NaiveBayes extends NaiveBayes with Serializable

  4. object StandardNBClassifier extends Serializable

    helper object for StandardNBClassifier