Naive Bayes commandline documentation


This quick start page describes how to run the naive bayesian and complementary naive bayesian classification algorithms on a Hadoop cluster.


Testing it on one single machine w/o cluster

In the examples directory type:

mvn -q exec:java

mvn -q exec:java

Running it on the cluster

Command line options

BayesDriver, BayesThetaNormalizerDriver, CBayesNormalizedWeightDriver, CBayesDriver, CBayesThetaDriver, CBayesThetaNormalizerDriver, BayesWeightSummerDriver, BayesFeatureDriver, BayesTfIdfDriver Usage:
    [--input <input> --output <output> --help]

  --input (-i) input	  The Path for input Vectors. Must be a SequenceFile of Writable, Vector.
  --output (-o) output	  The directory pathname for output points.
  --help (-h)		  Print out help.