Professional support for Mahout

Add yourself or your company if you are offering support for Mahout users. Please keep lists in alphabetical order. An entry here is not an endorsement by the Apache Software Foundation nor any of its committers.

People and companies for hire

Name Contact details Notes
Aboriginal Armadillo, LLC Commercial Support
Boston Predictive Analytics
Frank Scholten  
GridLine Specialised in search and thesauri
Jagdish Nomula ML, Search, Algorithms, Java
LucidWorks Big data platform including Mahout as a service for clustering, classification and more
Sematext International  
Ted Dunning Full commercial support
Winterwell Business/maths concept development & algorithms

Talks and presentations

Name Contact details Notes
Andrew Musselman “Building a Recommender with Apache Mahout on Amazon Elastic-MapReduce”
Frank Scholten Mahout/Taste
Isabel Drost-Fromm If travel and accommodation costs are covered scheduling a talk is a lot easier.