Weekly community meeting minutes.

Collected Videos / Conference Talks

Andrew Musselman is going to try to work on MAHOUT-2130 (Build talks page) this weekend. If you have / know of any content, please send it to him or just add it after he launches the page.

Issue Grooming

The following issues are all related

  • MAHOUT-2122 Create getting started on Docker page
  • MAHOUT-2134 Update Mahout in Zeppelin page
  • MAHOUT-2129 Rebuild website docs, add Getting started with Zeppelin to Nav
  • MAHOUT-2126 Update Zeppelin Containers
  • MAHOUT-2133 Update “Getting Started in Mahout” page.

The narrative is- we should update (or replace) the getting started in Mahout page with Getting Started with Mahout in Zeppelin. The Zeppelin Docker should have some more “Getting Started” Notebooks. The current Mahout in Zeppelin page should point to the new Mahout in Zeppelin on Docker page. The nav should be updated to reflect all of this.