Monthly community meeting


  • Andrew Musselman
  • Shannon Quinn
  • Trevor Grant

JIRA focus

  1. Assigned: Proof of concept of quantum front-end
  2. TBD: Updating Docker images
  3. TBD: Live in-browser code environment
  4. TBD: Simple spike for matrix math on the IBM quantum compute platform
  5. TBD: Assess all quantum platforms vis-a-vis interop and portability
  6. Assigned: Web site check
  7. Assigned: Download page improvements
  8. Update NOTICE
  9. Assigned: Add “how to do your first JIRA” notes
  10. Assigned: Add “first ticket” tag or type in JIRA
  11. Assigned: Add Docker instructions to nav
  12. Assigned: Docker image for web site build
  13. Complete: Migrate off Travis

Release plans

  • Nov: 14.2, point release with minor improvements and new build system

Active Ideas

  • Quantum computing
  • Python bindings for DSL

Summary and next steps