Weekly community meeting


  • Andrew Musselman
  • Trevor Grant
  • Tommy Naugle

Old Business

  1. Ask INFRA again about boards (done)
  2. Create new board or adapt one for current work
  3. Start meeting agenda and minutes doc and share (done)
  4. Share agenda for next week by Monday (done)

New Business

  1. Rebuild JIRA - now that we have wiped it clean, on the qumat side anyway, let’s start grooming tasks into the appropriate components/releases/etc (todo)
    • Including adding filters to all boards so only those tickets show up (todo)
  2. A more formal mechanism for proposing / posting agendas (done: Agreed we will chime in on the-asf#mahout channel when agenda is posted)
  3. Create new board or adapt one for current work (done)
  4. Coordinate on JIRA
    • Web site cleanup (akm and tommy to work off tommy’s spreadsheet)
    • Python packaging (jowanza tagged on https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/MAHOUT-2174)
    • Continued qumat data structure work (tommy in flight, akm to review)

Other Business

  • JIRA hygiene with Shashanka in monthly Classic meeting