Hey all! We’re preparing for Mahout version 14.1.

This release might not seem super exciting from a user perspective (except we’re bumping Apache Spark to version 2.x and Scala to version 2.11) but it includes some very important ‘behind the scenes changes’. We’re doing a heavy refactoring which will combine math and math-scala into a module called core (no change to code required!).

We will be moving H2o and Flink-batch engines into community that is to say the code will still be available, but we won’t be actively maintaining it (we will accept PRs though). We’re moving the Map Reduce code to community and have considered to once again accepting PRs against this code (if you have an open PR, we’ll hit you up after the release about rebasing and considering to resubmit the PR)

We’re going to be updating the Java dependency from 1.7 to 1.8.

There was a LOT of old junk in the POMs which we have clipped out.

Stay tuned and feel free to help out!