On wierd version numbering…

We were under pressure to release a “version above 1.0” which seemed sort of arbitrary to us.

We decided to just stick with our original schema, but take it x10. Our last release was 0.14.0, and thus this release is 14.1. So if you’re wondering where versions 1.0-13.0 are, that’s what happened.

14.1 is a long overdue fix for us releasing binaries for to use, instead of having to build your own. 0.14.0 was us finally moving the old Map Reduce stuff out of the main trunk, because we haven’t been about that for quite some time.

If you would like to help us test the release candidate, send an email to dev-subscribe@mahout.apache.org and reply to the confimration email to join our mailing list, and happy Mahouting!